Drop-in meditation classes in the Niagara Region…

Meditation is a practice of focusing the mind.

Our minds are very busy. There are many things we think, stress and worry about each day and we have become masters of productivity and multi-tasking.

By sitting in silence and focusing the mind, we train the mind to work in news ways.

Instead of functioning at our usual rapid pace, meditation shows the mind the beautiful benefits of silence, space and awareness of our present moment.


Meditation can help with:

  • Lowering stress and anxiety
  • Alleviating low moods and depression
  • Improving regulation of emotions
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Increasing attention span
  • Improving memory
  • Pain relief
  • Increasing immunity and metabolism
  • Creating a better connection to the mind and body
  • Connecting with values & desires
  • Awareness and appreciation of life
  • Increasing feelings of peace and contentment

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Guided Meditation Classes at Transitions Studio

Starting January 2017, classes now being taught by Agnes Apps of ReHolistically Speaking.

Wednesday nights  

First class of 2017: Wednesday January 4th

Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Transitions Studio, 244 Grantham Avenue, St. Catharines (2nd floor)

For more information, email Agnes at: or Visit her website HERE.