Practicing Radical Acceptance

Practicing Radical Acceptance

As humans we tend to resist reality. This means with any unpleasant emotions or feelings… we tend to naturally avert the situation.
Instead of addressing core issues, often we reach out and attach to things that provide immediate gratification.

Here are a few examples:

  • You feel stressed or in a low mood so you reach out to junk food to provide comfort
  • You feel lonely so you reach out to distraction ideas that provide quick reassurance
  • You feel empty or lost so you reach out for a drink to ease the tension
  • You feel overwhelmed and discouraged so you put your goals on hold and say, “tomorrow I’ll get back into it”

As I said, we’re species that like to feel good so these are natural habits! The problem though is that these coping mechanisms rarely address the actual problem and they usually bring us further from our goals and desires.

What’s an alternative then?

Try practicing what is called RADICAL ACCEPTANCE.

Radical acceptance involves surrendering and accepting reality exactly for what it is. 

Instead of resisting and pushing feelings and situations away, try…

  • Bringing awareness to what is happening and how you’re feeling
  • Surrendering to the situation (this simply means to stop resisting and denying reality)
  • Choosing to radically accept what is
  • Working with the situation and your feelings instead of against. Embrace what is happening in the Now as that is what’s happening!

Please take note that radically accepting does not mean you have to like or or enjoy it. It simply means we stop resisting what actually is and we start working withthe truths of our lives instead of pushing them away 🙂

Whatever unpleasant challenges and situations you are facing right now, try bringing these affirmations into your life:

  • “I lovingly accept this situation as reality right now.”
  • “I accept that this challenge is occurring and choose to work with it instead of against it.”
  • “I surrender to the flow of life and choose not to deny or resist.”
  • “I accept my feelings and emotions. It is ok to feel what I feel.”
  • “I accept that this is present moment and choose not to focus on the past or the future.”

Radical acceptance is highly effective at releasing stress, tension and resistance in the present moment. 

I hope you can give it a try with whatever you are currently facing and that it eases any tension you may be feeling.

If you have any struggles or want to discuss more deeply, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂
– – – – –
Radical acceptance is an example of one of the skills covered in Be Free’s 6-Week Transformation Program. Other highly effective skills we’ll be discussing and practicing include:

  • Uncovering cognitive distortions you use the most (proven thought patterns that cause suffering – we all use them!)
  • Thought records to decrease cognitive distortions and broaden perspectives (this helps to lower emotions such as sadness, guilt, anxiety and anger/agitation)
  • Guided mindfulness and meditation
  • Sentence completion activities to raise self-esteem and help us follow through on our goals and desires (Sentence completion is the most effective practice in my opinion)

There’s still spots left in the program! CLICK HERE for more details and for registration.

Have a great long weekend!


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