Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau highly respects the privacy of users, followers and clients.


When is personal information collected?

Personal information may be collected by Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau Inc. and Shawna Thibodeau when subscribing to my newsletter, participating in surveys, contests and giveaways, filling out intake forms and assessments and when sending me an email directly or through a form on the site. At no time will you be required to share any personal information to gain access to the main components of this site.

In addition to basic contact information, the site and its associated third-party social media components, as well as the site’s analytics trackers, may also collect other information including non-personal identifying information obtained by storing a “cookie” on your computer. This may include the operating system you are working on, the Internet browser you are using, and the screen resolution of your computer.

If you are concerned about privacy on associated third-party social media components (Twitter, Facebook, Google or other services that may be added at a later date) please refer to the privacy policies on those sites.


How does Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau Inc. use personal information?

Depending on where you have provided personal information, Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau Inc. and Shawna Thibodeau may use your information in a number of ways.

The email address you provide through a subscription to any emails Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau offers, enables me to send you such newsletters. This subscription is entirely opt-in by the user. (I cannot subscribe you to the newsletter, as you personally must have access to the email account in order to verify the subscription.) Subscribers can opt-out of any newsletter at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link that is present on the bottom of every email.

The email address that you use when contacting me either directly to my email address or through the form on this site will not be used for any reason but to respond to your inquiry.

If you choose to comment about my website or services over Twitter and/or through my Facebook page, I do not get access to your email address, nor do I gain any access to your personal data or private information.

Under no circumstances will I share your email address or personal information with any third parties. Such information may be used for data analytics, but I do not sell or share individual personal data or email addresses with anyone, or allow them to be used for mailings that you have not asked to receive.

By participating in Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau Inc. surveys, contests, public discussions and public activities, you may share personal information to the public. By participating and sharing personal information you are agreeing to have this information as public and agree that it may also be shared by Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau Inc.

Personal information collected through client intake forms, assessment forms and any forms and activities used in coaching sessions will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the intended purposes of coaching sessions. No information will be shared with the public unless consent from that person is obtained.

If you have any questions about privacy, please contact me at

Thank you 🙂

Shawna Thibodeau