Who Ever Said You Can’t Do That?! + 3 Crucial Steps to Reaching Your Goals

Who Ever Said You Can’t Do That?! + 3 Crucial Steps to Reaching Your Goals

Ready for a morning feel-good wake-up call? (cause I love to give them) 😀

Who ever told you, “YOU CAN’T DO THAT?”


We all get great ideas – ideas about a career change, ideas about a project to start, a hobby to take up, a healthy routine to follow, an adventure vacation to go on…

We get fleeting feelings of excitement, motivation and confidence.


Then what happens?


You wake up and it’s gone…or worse…you go to work, come home and you forget about it. But, we don’t just simply forget about it…it’s deeper than that. If we simply forgot, maybe that’d be a better excuse.


The real reason we “forget” is because our little friend the ego comes to visit.


What’s the ego? The ego is a self-image of illusion created from our past. All of our pasts hold disappointment, hurt, regret, resentment, and perceived failure.


Our ego doesn’t like these feelings so she has made it her full-time job to keep you right where you are, safe from future hurt, disappointment and failure.  


It’s a nice thought from the ego, really…she doesn’t want you to get hurt again… buuuut unfortunately she’s simply keeping you from doing SO many things!


AND the ego isn’t protecting you in the nicest way either…she’s actually kind of a b**** (pardon my language). Common things she whispers to you is:


“You could never do that”
“You’re not smart enough”
“That takes too much work”
“You’ll mess up”
“You’re not confident enough”
“It’s not realistic”
“You’re not pretty enough/good enough/skilled enough, etc. etc.”


Darn-nit ego, why are you being so mean?!


The problem with not going towards goals and dreams is that we listen to our egos too much. We take what she’s saying as the truth and we allow her to un-motivate us and crush our confidence. We end up staying stuck.


But “Shawnaaaaa”, you say, “You can’t just come up with great ideas, believe in them, and live in a fairytale world. We have to be realistic”. Ah yes… our world of realism. But don’t worry, I agree!


You see…the problem most people have with not following their goals and dreams is two-fold:


    1. They listen too strongly to the ego which crushes their self-esteem, motivation and inspiration
    2. They don’t create a strategic plan and follow through on needed action steps (thus creating more space for the ego to say “I told you so”)


Truth: Following your goals and dreams is hard work. It takes a realistic plan with small daily action steps. Buuuut…you’ve already done a lot of hard work throughout your life anyways so clearly you’re capable.


And what’s worse… doing daily steps that create positive changes in your life OR waking up one day and not being satisfied with what you’ve created. Eeeeek, I cringe.


Small side note – if you think you’re “too old” (too old to try a new hobby, too old to switch jobs or start-up a side project, too old to be healthier), that’s another excuse your ego is creating. Some of the greatest first-time discoveries and creative work has been made by people in their sixties. So you my friend, have a lot of time. And if you did small things daily… think about your life at sixty! (side rant complete)


So yes, goals and dreams take strategic planning. If it’s a vacation – how can you save a bit each month? If it’s a career change – how can you slowly shift into an alternative finance-wise? OR How can you simplify your life to decrease your budget? If it’s a hobby or side project – how can you fit in 1/2 hour per day on this new venture? If it’s a health goal – what small action each day would help you move towards this goal?


BUT LET ME TELL YOU MY FRIEND, everything is figure-outable! And if something doesn’t go as planned – trust me, some stuff will crash and burn in your face – you simply have to re-vamp your plan. Don’t see it as failure…that’s the ego!… take it as learning and growing and re-structure your plan. 


If you have a goal or a vision, a dream or an idea, follow these 2 steps:
    1. Notice your ego and shut it down (or politely dismiss it, whatever suits you more) – I usually yell at it, cause I’m crazy, “THERE’S NO SPACE FOR YOU”.
    2. Create a list of all the action steps that have to be done to get there – realistically, how could this work?
    3. Each day…tackle a small action step, recommit to your goal and vision, continue to dismiss your ego


Don’t be surprised if over time, your goals slightly change…this is what happens when you start to push yourself…you push your idea brain and you push your confidence… BUT, you’ll be growing and learning in ways that you can’t replace. 


So… who ever told you, “YOU CANT DO THAT?” 


Exactly…no one. And I’m going to tell you today, that you can. 


Stop dismissing your goals and ideas.


But P.S. While chasing your goals and dreams, make sure you enjoy the ride along the way – laugh, dance, tell stupid jokes – each day is meant to be joyfully lived 🙂


Catch you next week at my meditation class?! Here’s the details! See you then warrior 🙂


Big virtual hug,

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