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Women in Business

with Shawna Thibodeau & Diana McDonnell

With both Diana and I having had our holistic businesses for 6 years, we're extremely passionate about women entrepreneurship and creating work lives of passion, flexibility, success, creativity and purpose.  


​As our businesses expand and our visions grow, we're looking for women that are passionate about health and wellness to join our team!

The video below is an educational presentation about our experience in business and why doTerra was an essential addition for us both. We explain how doTerra works, what our team looks like, compensation, ideas for sharing and entrepreneurship tips in general that we've learned over the years.

What you'll learn in this video:

  • 2:00 min - Our stories and what led us to this work and to essential oils (Diana 's story is one of physical health and Shawna's is one of mental health)

  • 8:00 min - Our backgrounds, certifications, what we offer and how doTerra & essential oils fit in

  • 9:34 min - Our experience with making a sustainable income in the holistic/wellness/health field 

  • 12:00 min - Business & entrepreneurship tips in the health & wellness field

  • 16:34 min - The different ways doTerra can be done and what it looks like

  • 18:14 min - Why we partnered with doTerra (why we chose this company for teaching and recommending essential oils and why we added it to our businesses)

  • 20:00 min - What would be your focus? What health/mood/self-care challenges have been a part of your story?

  • 22:30 min - What are essential oils? How do they work?

  • 26:00 min - doTerra's sourcing, testing, production processes

  • 30:15 min - Why "network marketing?" & our experience with it

  • 34:20 min - How compensation/income works with doTerra (i.e. how you make an income from being a doTerra Wellness Advocate)

  • 41:48 min - Average monthly income based on months in business

  • 50:57 min - Expenses/what's involved with doing the business (i.e. being a doTerra Wellness Advocate)

  • 60:12 min - Reflection questions (what does your wellness/health business or side passion project look like?)

  • 62:15 min - Ideas for how to share, inspire and educate your niche

  • 69:00 min - How do I get started? What's the process?

  • 76:00 min - Questions? & How to connect with us

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us further about starting with doTerra and joining our team, email myself or Diana - and

Thank you for joining us!

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