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Yoga in the Garden

Shine Your Light
Yoga & Meditation Retreat

A WATERFRONT retreat with 
Shawna Thibodeau & Natalie Rogers


June 9-11th, 2023
Fort Erie, Ontario

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Join us for a women's weekend retreat that nourishes the mind, body, spirit & soul!


This weekend retreat is for any woman needing self-care time to help heal, rejuvenate and re-connect back to oneself and to other women.


This retreat includes meditation, breathwork, yoga and different healing and empowering workshops. Beginners welcome!

Throughout the weekend you'll be learning and exploring different skills & practices that help facilitate healing, growth and the development of greater self-love, inner peace and empowerment within.


Weekend retreats include the most effective practices I have found and experienced on my own 11-year spiritual journey that help you heal, shed what no longer serves you and step into a more empowered and grounded version of yourself.​


A beautiful lakefront venue in Fort Erie (South Niagara) - see pictures below!


Arrive to the venue anytime after 5pm on Friday June 9th, 2023. Programming starts at 6:45PM Friday. Programming on Sunday June 11th ends at noon.

*Note - Dinner will not be served Friday night - please eat prior to arrival or bring something to the venue (also spots in Fort Erie to grab dinner before or after you arrive).  


This retreat is led by mental health nurse, women's coach & meditation, breathwork + yoga teacher, Shawna Thibodeau and yoga teacher and expansion coach, Natalie Rogers. It will be a small group size for a more connected, intimate experience and so you can fully enjoy the beautiful venue and property.


What it includes:

  • 2 Nourishing Lakeview Breakfasts

  • 1 Private Lakeview, Chef-Cooked Lunch (Saturday)

  • 1 Private Lakeview, Chef-Cooked Dinner (Saturday)

  • Friday Evening Teaching - The Path to Healing, Greater Inner Peace & Empowerment

  • 3 Guided Meditation Sessions (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

  • How Breathwork Can Help Us Heal Workshop + 2 Breathwork Healing Sessions (Saturday, Sunday)

  • 3 Lakeview Yoga Practices (no experience needed, beginners welcome)

  • Saturday Teaching - Self-Love & Inner Child Work Workshop: How the Ego Mind & Wounds From the Past Separate Us From Love & Peace + Healing Past Wounds, Working with the Ego Mind & Coming Back to Love  (**a favourite of past retreat participants**)

  • Optional Nature Forest Walk

  • Private Sound Healing Session - Saturday night

  • Sacred Fire Burning Ceremony (indoors) - Sunday morning

  • Sunday Morning Teaching - Stepping Into Your Empowered Self (with discussion on Law-of-Attraction & Manifestation)

  • Daily Group Coaching Circles for inner reflection, journaling, connection & healing 

  • Evening circle chats/hangouts beside the indoor fireplace 

  • Lakeside downtime for personal rest and relaxation

  • **Take-home PDF booklet provided of all skills & practices for reference back home**


Enjoy a weekend away with like-minded women, in a beautiful and relaxing waterfront environment.


Come home with a toolbelt of invaluable practices, concepts and skills that will shift the way you view yourself and your life.


Come alone or bring a friend! (Typically, it's around 50/50 at each retreat for women that come alone versus women that come with a friend)

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Pictures from Past Retreats