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Monthly Healing Manifestation Meditation Circles




A monthly online meditation circle to go inwards, connect with your soul and explore the magic of manifestation

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Join mental health nurse & meditation teacher, Shawna Thibodeau for monthly online meditation circles with a healing & law-of-attraction focus. 


After 10 years of meditation practice, law-of-attraction and manifestation practices are the ones I never miss as they've have had the biggest impact in my life. 


These circles will first guide you into a healing guided meditation that helps to calm the nervous system and connect you to your heart.  We then shift into a guided journaling activity followed by a law-of-attraction focused meditation. 

Beginners welcome!

What is law-of-attraction (LOA) and manifesting?

The energy we sit in (through our thoughts & emotions) affects what we attract into our lives. LOA meditation uses the mind to focus our attention in new ways, shifting the energy we're sitting in, which helps us to attract new energy and new opportunities into our lives.  LOA meditation is also very calming & empowering and can help you connect to inner states of joy, peace and happiness.


Online over Zoom - create your own sacred manifesting meditation space! Have beside you a journal and pen. Bring a tea and get cozy. Beginners welcome.


$11.11 CAD


Upcoming dates:

Thursday December 10th, 2020


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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