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Breathwork &Meditation Healing Circles

An online practice for healing, insight & transformation

Join me for online healing circles that include guided meditation, breathwork & reflection <3


What is breathwork?

Breathwork is a practice of consciously controlling your breathing pattern.

How does breathwork work?

The rhythmic breathing in breathwork helps put the mind into different meditative states.

What can this do?

Putting our mind into meditative states allows us to experience our thoughts, emotions, and situations in life in a different way compared to the analytical/thinking mind. 

Breathwork & meditation can help with:

  • Insights and understanding of different situations in your life

  • Healing of the mind and body

  • Deep sense of peace and bliss

  • New creative ideas

  • Deep connection towards oneself

  • Ideas of life direction/next steps

  • Release of emotions that might be limiting you and keeping you stuck

During this class, you'll first be guided through a calming, grounding & healing meditation. You'll then be guided into 25-minutes of breathwork practice with reflection afterwards. Beginners welcome!

WHAT TO HAVE BESIDE YOU: A pillow, an eye mask, 2 blankets, comfy layered clothing, a journal & pen, water bottle, try to eat 2 hours prior to breathwork. You can lay on your bed, on a yoga mat or be sitting on a pillow or meditation cushion. 

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**Weekly classes are now exclusively accessed through 

my online coaching program, Radiant Mind Academy.

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**Breathwork not advised for women who are pregnant, anyone with heart conditions, schizophrenia, seizure disorder, bipolar disorder and/or if you have a history of severe trauma (recommend a trauma specialist).

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