An online practice for healing, insight, transformation & empowerment


Join me for weekly online classes that include a powerful combination of guided meditation, manifestation/law-of-attraction practice & breathwork.



During this class, you'll first be guided through intention setting, manifestation journaling and then a guided meditation that includes self-love and law-of-attraction work. You'll then be guided into 25minutes of breathwork practice, which is done laying down, to music. 


What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice of focusing attention. By practicing focusing attention, we work on slowing the thinking mind, gaining greater awareness into the patterns of the mind and practice coming more into the present moment, which helps  to decrease stress and experience greater calmness and presence within.

What are law-of-attraction (LOA) & manifestation practices?

LOA & manifestation practices help train our minds to focus on what we DO desire versus what the mind typically focuses on (problems, what's wrong and what we're lacking). These practices help shift the energy we're sitting in and sending out so that it's more of a vibrational match for what we desire within our lives.


What is breathwork?

Breathwork is a practice of consciously working with your breathing pattern, lying down, to music. The rhythmic breathing in breathwork helps put the mind into different meditative states.

What can this do?

Putting our mind into meditative states allows us to experience our thoughts, emotions, and situations in life in a different way compared to the analytical/thinking mind. It also gives you a space to carve out weekly time for going inwards and connecting with your truths and your heart's needs.

Breathwork, manifestation & meditation can help with:

  • Insights and understanding of different situations in your life

  • Healing of the mind and body

  • Deep sense of peace and bliss

  • New creative ideas

  • Deep connection towards oneself

  • Ideas of life direction/next steps

  • Release of emotions that might be limiting you and keeping you stuck

  • Calming of the nervous system

  • Greater awareness of patterns of the mind

  • Boosting of mood

  • Boosting of self-esteem, confidence & feelings of empowerment

  • Shifting vibration to become a better energetic match for desires, abundance & opportunity


There are two different breathing techniques I use in my classes (a quicker breath and a slower breath), which I review at the beginning of class. Keeping up the breathing technique for the whole class isn't required - it's best to ease into breathwork, take breaks as needed and enjoy the process of exploring the practice of breathwork :)


Beginners welcome! Your Zoom camera can be on or off during class.

WHAT TO HAVE BESIDE YOU DURING BREATHWORK: A pillow, an eye mask, 2 blankets, comfy layered clothing, a journal & pen, water bottle, try to eat 2 hours prior to breathwork. You can lay on your bed, on a yoga mat or be sitting on a pillow or meditation cushion. 

Dates & Times:


Every Wednesday night, 7-8:15PM EST, online over Zoom video.

***Practice starts at 7:15pm. If this is your first class, please come at 7PM to get a breathwork introduction and explanation of breathwork techniques. If this is not your first class, feel free to join at 7:15PM to start our journaling & meditation practice. 




$25/single session or $35/monthly membership. 

Nervous to join? This is normal! With trying new things, it's best to jump right in, go slow and be kind and easy on yourself. This is the best way to learn and become comfortable with new things and we all started as beginners.

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