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Shawna helps those experiencing challenging emotions and stressors, pull apart the layers of their situations to find greater clarity, stability, healing, peace and balance.

With 8 years experience as a mental health nurse & women's coach, Shawna provides her clients with lifelong tools to work more effectively with thoughts, emotions and challenging situations as well as work towards their true desires and goals.


Gaining clarity, awareness and developing effective coping strategies will help lower feelings of stress, overwhelm, low moods, and anxiety and new perspectives, practices and skills will bring about more inner peace, confidence, and more joy and fulfillment in life.

  • Feeling lost/stuck in life

  • Anxiety & fear-based thinking

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • Depressed mood/sadness

  • Lack of self-love & self-acceptance

  • Irritability and anger

  • Negative thinking

  • Overthinking and worry

  • Low self-esteem

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Addiction & self-sabotage behaviours

  • Changing unhealthy behaviours

  • Increasing self-connection

  • Improving self-love

  • Finding clarity in life

  • Creating a life of more purpose

  • Business strategy & entrepreneurship 

Modalities/Techniques Used
  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Spirituality

  • Self-Love/Inner Child Work/Healing Past Wounds

  • EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

  • Personality Theories 

  • Life Coaching Frameworks

  • Chakra & energy healing psychology

  • Law-of-Attraction & Co-Creation Practices


“I first discovered Shawna while scrolling through social media. I attended her Women's Circles about two years ago, which was an amazing experience for me. Lately I've been feeling like something needed to change, that I keep going in circles,  anxiety has been super high, worry has been consuming me, the list goes on. I reached out to Shawna and we had a one on one session. In the one hour we spoke, she was able to figure out why I am the way I am, the deep root of it all and taught me ways to work all my feelings out. I have been to counsellors and therapists, and no one has ever explained to me "the root". (They usually sit there while I talk and write down notes and don't really say much.)  Shawna knew instinctively where and why things and feelings were happening to me. I was mind blown. I can't say enough about how amazing that experience has been.  I can't wait to work with Shawna again. If you're feeling stuck or need clarity, please book in with Shawna.  You will get so much out of it and more.”

- Simone

More than a session where we simply talk...


Shawna is passionate about giving her clients tangible skills, practices and resources that they can implement right away, from the comfort of their homes...


Intake assessment with two online tests that will be used in session to relate your life challenges with your personality type and chakra assessment

In-session discussion & practice of recommended skills for your situations (guided meditation, EFT tapping, thought & subconscious belief work)

Personalized reflection questions to help you work through your specific challenges, stressors and life situations

A personalized set of specific skills & practices you can implement to help you heal, grow and move towards your true desires & goals

Gain clarity and learn how to work with your thoughts, emotions & mind in a way that
SERVES you...
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Sessions are done online, over Zoom video.​

Booking times are EST (Toronto/New York) timezone. 

**Please allow for at least 1-2 days between booking and your appointment date so you have time to complete an intake form that will assist us in our session together. Form is sent immediately after booking.

If you have questions, email or IG DM @shawnathibodeau

Please note, all services offered within 'Be Free by Shawna Thibodeau' fall under the classification of coaching & alternative wellness. While Shawna is a mental health nurse, these services are not associated nor fall under her nursing practice. If you are in need of a medical professional please visit your doctor or call crisis services.

More Client Reviews

I had a coaching session with Shawna a few months ago. I cannot say enough great things about her! She was so easy to talk to, and had so much great information. I went home feeling motivated. After having our first coaching session,  I ended up enrolling in her Radiant Mind Academy Coaching Program. It just felt right . She made me feel so comfortable , and I felt heard , and understood. I have gone thru the program now, and my anxiety is much easier to control. I have better resources, and a better mind set. I have the tools now that I can always access. I love that the program gives you so much. Now that I have finished it.. I have a full binder of every module , and Im going through it again. Its so nice to have. Plus all the meditations and helpful videos. I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I can love myself. I thank Shawna for that!. It is 100%worth it!! GO FOR IT!!.

- Brianne, (age 31)

“I absolutely adored my time in private coaching with Shawna. I had initially approached her as a result of many personal issues and she was quick to make me feel at ease and completely comfortable with her. Through the sessions I was able to build on tools which helped me connect with myself on a deeper level and began to realize the root of my negative thinking and feelings. Discovering these enabled us to begin working on ways to challenge the anxiety, stress, irritability and worrying I had gotten so accustomed to. The personal binder and informational documents Shawna has created provide you with a wealth of information with helpful activities, further education suggestions and thoughtful lessons. I feel especially in today's age of instant gratification, materialism and the stigma on mental health what Shawna is offering is becoming increasingly important. She provided me with realistic solutions to the problems I was facing and as a result I am able to feel healthier, more mindful and happy!”

- Jennifer, (age 24)

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for my entire adult life and things took a turn for the worse a few years ago. Since then I had been seeing various doctors and psychiatrists and been placed on medication, but I never felt truly comfortable in a session until I began the program with Shawna. She made me feel comfortable and helped me to open up in ways I hadn't really been able to in previous sessions. Her background in CBT and mindfulness/meditation techniques allowed her to zero in on many of the thought patterns that combined to cause me so much trouble in my everyday life. With Shawna's help, I have a clear life goal in my sights and am currently taking steps to achieve it, while keeping in mind all that I learned from my time in Be Free. Shawna is a lovely person and I feel very lucky to have been able to work with her to help get myself back on track. Thanks so much, Shawna! 

- Kendra, (age 29)

“I started seeing Shawna for issues related to anxiety / depression and general life issues after attempting therapy with many, many therapists, counsellors, social workers, physicians and specialists for over twenty years. I found her online and liked what I saw, a mixture of traditional CBT and practices involving more eastern philosophies such as mindfulness, meditation etc. Shawna has been instrumental in using these techniques to address my long standing issues. I have done CBT many times in the past but really never understood the concept. With her approach, I have found it so easy to understand and it has been invaluableto address everyday life issues. In terms of mindfulness and meditation, I have also been amazed at how intuitive Shawna is, always knowing when I need to be brought back to the present. I use meditation daily on Shawna’s advice which has given me incredible insight and peace. I can’t express how grateful and lucky I am to have found Ms. Thibodeau and fully intend to keep her on as a permanent member of my “life success” team.”

- Seana, (age 42)

“Private coaching with Shawna has been a very positive, eye opening, and educational experience. Her content has taught me the concepts of cognitive distortions and core beliefs, and how mine and those of others can come into play each and every day. I am now more mindful of these and know how to deal with them more effectively. Shawna has emphasized the importance of, and how to self-reflect to stay on a path that is honest to me. She is there for guidance, but strongly attempts not to tell you what to do. Shawna has helped me face and breakdown large goals into smaller tasks. I have found her easy to relate to and accommodating. It has done wonders for me to have a neutral party to share adversities and dreams with and seek advice and fresh perspectives from. She has given me tangible tools to utilize in the present and into the future. If you are feeling stuck or lost, I strongly recommend reaching out to her. It is an investment in your future that you will not regret!”

- Sadie, (age 25)

“I approached Be Free for private coaching because I was struggling with anxiety, worry and depression. Be Free helped me open up to the fact that ultimately, it was up to me and I needed to decide what it was that I wanted out of my life. The self-reflection that I did allowed me to realize my strengths and to work hard to improve and overcome my weaknesses. Be Free helped me gain the tools to live a more positive life. Be Free helped me realize there is a different way of life. A healthy way.”

- Hannah, (age 36)

"I started seeing Shawna regarding my lack of self love, relationship issues and over all lack of passion for life. Since completing our sessions together, I have felt more motivated and more adventurous. It is obvious that Be Free has given me the proper skills to live a healthier and more meaningful life."

- Erin, (age 20)