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In accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the local government, there are several restrictions and requirements that will be implemented on retreats. To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and prevent the spread of COVID-19,  the following safety precautions will be put into place:

  • Reduced retreat sizes: Retreats limited to 8 participants and 2 leaders. 

  • Participation waiver: It is up to each individual to read the precautions and decide if wanting to attend. An extra waiver will be required related to attending with the following precautions in place. 

  • Fixed spacing and enhanced safety measures in main room: Each participant will have their own designated practice space set up in the main room that will not be moved for all of the retreat. This is where you'll set your yoga mat, journal, pen, water bottle, etc.

  • Enhanced safety sleeping arrangements: Double occupancy rooms are reserved for only those coming with a friend or family member that is a part of your social circle. If you are coming alone, you must reserve a single room.

  • Outdoor activities (weather permitting): Especially for September retreat, as many activities will be done outdoors as possible. Please bring different layers of clothes. 

  • Masks: Masks are to be worn indoors. Mask can be taken off at your fixed station in the main room for yoga, meditation and coaching circles, but must be worn when social distancing is not available and during time in kitchen/bathroom and during transition to other rooms in the house.  This may change after October 1st.  

  • Bring from home: Please bring your own yoga mat, journal, pen, water bottle, snacks, shower towel. There will be no sharing of these items with others.

  • Enhanced cleaning precautions: There will be increased break times (leisure time for you) to allow leaders to sanitize areas. 

  • Individual Sanitizer: Will be provided throughout retreat and will be encouraged to use frequently and required to use prior to bathroom and kitchen entrance.

  • Cleaning Protocols: Specific protocols will be set in place for bathroom and kitchen use (use of kettle, coffee maker, etc).

  • Assigned Bathrooms: There are 3 household bathrooms. You will be assigned a specific one for entire retreat and specific protocols in place for entering/exiting.

  • Food: Food will be provided in pre-packaged or restaurant style serving of food (leaders prepare food and then serve as waitress style) with disposable plates/cutlery. This is to limit touching of shared surfaces. No buffet style food, snacks or meals will be used. Please bring your own snacks from home and keep in your bedroom/at your fixed yoga station.

We will be closely monitoring the status and regulations related to coronavirus and changes will be made as more information becomes available. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions by emailing

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