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Radiant Mind ACADEMY


Introduction Videos

VIDEO 1: Who is this series for? WHY lead? What blocks us from leading?

VIDEO 2: The 3 most important things to remember as a leader/entrepreneur...



Video 1: The 4 Things that Shifted my Business from Making a Bit of Money to Greater Abundance! (Full-time gig)
Video 2: Can I Lead? The 6 Things You Need to Lead

A motivating video that goes over 6 attributes you need to lead! Great reminders for helpful attitudes in business and I also discuss the concept of certifications for what you're teaching/leading.

Video 3: Where to Start + What I've Used in My Business

Should I start with Registering my business? Creating my services? Building a website? Focusing on Instagram? Watch this video to help provide direction and clarity on the first 3 things I recommend focusing on. I also go over all the tech/services I use to operate my business and a quick overview of business expenses. Take notes in a journal or on a previous printed PDF.

Video 4: Business Logistics

I talk registering your business, naming your business, setting up a separate business bank account, having an accountant & Quickbooks online accounting, plus the importance of having business insurance <3

Video 5: Identifying Your Niche & What You Want to Offer

In this video, I discuss how to decide what to offer based on 4 things (what you're passionate about, what's sustainable, what your financial goals are and where your confidence level is at). I also talk about identifying your "niche". Print out the PDF and take notes as you watch! Complete the exercise on the final page in the PDF to gain clarity on your first offering/service.

Video 6: Crafting Your Offer/Writing
Out Your Service + Where to Publish It To

First step in creating a service/offering? Writing it out! In this video I show you how to begin writing out your service/offering. In the PDF there's templates for different offerings (classes, workshops, retreats, services, programs). I also discuss different ways to publish your offering (with a website versus without a website).

***Note: If crafting an online program, check out one of the first PDFs I had  for enrolling women into my program. I used  to have consult sales calls to bring in each woman into the program. I would open this PDF on the Zoom call and share my screen to go over the program. After the call, I would email them the PDF to review themselves and directed them to email me if wanting to register. I no longer have sales calls for every person - I prefer just having links to register with optional consult calls. You may want to start with consult sales calls if offering a more expensive program. 

Video 7 & 8: How to Promote Your Services + Creating Facebook Ads

Video 7: Watch this video to learn how I've done most of my promoting over the past 7 years - you can then decide which videos you want to watch from there!

Video 8: How to create a Facebook ad

VIDEO 7 - How & Where to Promote Your Offer

VIDEO 8 - How To Create a Facebook Ad

Video 9: Different Offers and Pricing Your Services
Videos 10-14: Instagram 101

VIDEO 10 - Creating a Professional Profile & Bio

VIDEO 12 - Creating Consistent Content

VIDEO 11 - Choosing & Testing A Feed Pattern 

VIDEO 13 - Writing Effective Copy

VIDEO 14 - Growing Your Instagram Following

Video 15-17: Building Your Business Base

VIDEO 15 - How to Create a Website/Landing Page & Email List

VIDEO 16 - Building a Free Landing Page & Email List from Mailchimp

VIDEO 17 - Building a Paid Website & Connecting Your Email List

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