Radiant Mind Academy 




The following is a list of guided meditations and healing practices throughout the Radiant Mind Academy Program! These will be introduced throughout the different modules. 


Additionally, you will learn theory as to why these meditations and practices are effective and you’ll be guided as to which meditations to use based on your personal challenges and goals. Downloadable MP3 and video recordings are included for all meditations. 



  • 3, 10 & 25-minute Guided Breath Meditation

  • 10-minute Guided Sounds Meditation

  • 5-minute Intention Setting Practice

  • 5-minute Prayer Practice

  • 10-minute Loving-Kindness and Gratitude Guided Meditation

  • 15-minute De-Stress Guided Meditation

  • Compassion for Our Past Guided Meditation

  • Receiving Love from the Universe Guided Meditation

  • Full Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

  • 7 Meditations for Healing & Strengthening All 7 Chakras including Increasing Self-Esteem & Confidence and Increasing Self-Love Meditation

  • Healing Ailments & Optimal Health Guided Meditation

  • Manifesting our Desires Guided Meditation

  • Success & Prosperity Guided Meditation

  • Law-of-Attraction through the Chakras Meditation


Energy Release Practices Included: 

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping for Sadness

  • Tapping for Anxiety

  • Tapping for Overwhelm & Stress

  • Tapping for Fear

  • Tapping for Anger & Frustration

  • Tapping for Lack of Self-Love/Self-Hatred

  • Tapping for Lack of Belief in Self

  • Tapping for Inadequacy

  • Tapping for Feelings of Abandonment/Lack of Love

  • Tapping for Loneliness & Boredom 

  • Tapping for Self-Sabotage Behaviours


Inner Child Work Practices Included:

(this work is based on Internal Family Systems and is very powerful for healing past emotional wounds that we continue to carry)

  •  Visualization Practice for Your Sad Personality

  •  Visualization Practice for Your Anxious Personality

  • Visualization Practice for Your Stressed Personality

  • Visualization Practice for Your Angry/Frustrated Personality

  • Visualization Practice for Your Abandoned Personality

  • Visualization Practice for Your Lonely Personality

  • Visualization Practice for Your Fearful Personality

  • Visualization Practice for Your Inadequate/Low Self-Esteem Personality


Throughout the program, I will teach you how to pair tapping practices with inner child work, followed by law-of-attraction meditations to create SUPER powerful healing practices!


This work will help YOU become your own HEALER and a CREATOR of the woman and life that you desire.



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