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Affirmations for being happy in the present moment

I have heard that a crucial component of moving forward and being happy in the future is accepting and being happy with where you are now.

It makes sense… why do we expect, hope and dream to be happy in the future if we’re not capable of being happy with how our life is right now?

Yes, we can improve, change, make accomplishments and grow but how beautiful would it be to simply be happy in the present without hoping that better things will come.

Think of the accomplishments you’ve tackled.

Think of the wonderful times you’ve had.

Think of your loved ones and how blessed you are to have them.

And then after that, be excited for what is to come.

Every night I try to do a quick meditation before bed. The meditation I have found the most helpful focuses on being accepting and happy with how my life is right now.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams or goals for the future…I definitely do and believe it’s important to.

But accepting my life as it is and all that I’ve done does help me slow down, enjoy the present moment more and stop the constant chasing that’s so easily to get caught up in.

An acceptance relaxation meditation is very simple and you can learn how to do it too.

Your Quick Guide to a Nighttime Acceptance Meditation

  1. Do your usual nighttime routine. Get all ready for bed. Turn off your phone.

  2. Relax into your bed. Feel your body get heavy and feel the warmth and comfort. You’re lucky to have a warm bed and time to rest and rejuvenate.

  3. Put your hands on your belly.

  4. Start to take long, slow, comfortable breaths. Feel your tummy rise and fall.

  5. Repeat these affirmations while taking long breaths in and out:

“I am happy with how my life is at this present moment.”

“I have accomplished great things and I am proud of my life.”

“I accept my path so far. Everything happens for a reason, this is my journey.”

“I am relaxing my body. I feel relaxed and peaceful.”

“I am happy in this moment.”

You can change up the affirmations to anything that speaks or connects to you.

Remember, you may have things you want to change in your life but true change starts when you can first accept yourself as you are.

If you fail to accept your current state, you may fall into a rat race of always wanting more and always needing change.

Taking 3 minutes per night to do this quick exercise can help you feel happier in your present situations.

A happier you now is a great starting point to a happier you in the future.



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