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Accepting vs. changing - which one to choose?

This past week at meditation class, we were discussing suffering and one's own negative thoughts.

Often, we get caught up in how difficult our own lives are, what's wrong in our lives and/or the negatives of each situation which in fact, creates more suffering for ourselves.

“Everyone’s life is difficult. Life is difficult.” – Michelle MacIntosh

When we have negative thoughts about how difficult our day is going to be or what we don't like, we’re counter-productively creating more pain and suffering because we’re choosing non-acceptance and victimhood mentality.

Things we complain about in our life that we do not have much control over, we may simply need to practice accepting.

If you do have some control over the situation, what efforts can you put forth into changing that situation for yourself?

Otherwise, one might ask themselves... how are my ruminating, complaining thoughts really helping the situation?

What is the point of them?

Life will always involve difficulty and challenges – that is the way of life.

If one can accept this concept, the struggles of life can be approached in a more balanced and peaceful way.

Practice being one with the difficulties of life AND/OR practice putting in effort to change the things that you desire to shift.

Let your mind be at more peace with whichever perspective you choose to take.

xx Shawna

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