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Soul Circles

Online circles to practice stepping into greater alignment, inner peace, love, joy, and your higher self 



"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."

- Ram Dass

Welcome to Online Soul Circles!


Happening twice/month, these soul circles (i.e. mini evening retreats) are a place to practice my favourite and most effective skills that bring us into greater alignment with ourselves and connect us to greater healing, peace, fulfillment and empowerment within. 

Sticking to practices and showing up consistently to them has been the absolute most important thing for shifting my mood, my energy and my outer life as well. One of the hardest things is staying accountable to these practices. This is the reason for soul circles.

2 evenings/month: 7-8PM EST, online over Zoom - recordings provided to those who cannot make it LIVE.

First Soul Circle of the Month: Oracle, Self-Love, Manifestation + Breathwork 

During this soul circle, we start with drawing an oracle card as a space for contemplation, guidance & inner reflection. We then move into practicing self-love & manifestation work (on-paper, guided journaling & 20-minute guided meditation) to create a more loving relationship with ourselves and to align our energy and belief systems to our true desires and to our higher selves. We close with an optional 25-min breathwork practice. (Breathwork can help with providing clarity, insight, direction in one's life as well as feelings of deep peace and release of things that no longer serve us)

Second Soul Circle of the Month: Meditation, Inner Child & Self-Love Work + Belief Systems Work

During this soul circle we explore inner child work - looking at our triggers and challenges and how they connect to inner wounds and limiting belief systems wanting to be healed. Using a recent situation or situation from the past, we practice identifying wounds triggered and work on re-parenting and healing ourselves as well as shifting belief systems related to this situation. This includes on-paper/guided journaling work as well as a 20-minute guided meditation and has been some of the most influential work I've done with women.


September - Wednesday September 6th & Tuesday September 12th

October - Wednesday October 4th & Wednesday October 18th

November - Wednesday November 1st & Wednesday November 15th

December - Wednesday December 13th & Monday December 18th 

With soul circles, you're welcome to join practice at any time and leave at any time as well - if you can only make it for a segment, attending for a short time is encouraged.



These soul circles are for members of The RISE Program and The Abundant Soul Business Coaching Program as a place to practice the concepts and skills taught within these programs.


**With registration into either program (found below), comes a 6-month membership to these online soul circles.

Learn more about the 6-month soul circle membership programs here:


The RISE Program


My signature 6-week online coaching program to heal, find inner peace & empowerment and to step into alignment with your highest self.

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The Abundant Soul


My online business coaching program that helps soul-led entrepreneurs reach consistent $5-10k months with their holistic & wellness services.

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