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ARE YOU READY TO KICK  anxiety, stress  OR FEELINGS OF  sadness  TO THE CURB?


ARE YOU tired OF ALWAYS THINKING YOU'RE not good enough and falling into patterns of SELF-DEFEATING thoughts and behaviours?


Have you wondered who you COULD BE and what you could ACCOMPLISH without anxiety and stress running the show?




8 years ago, this is what I wanted for myself and now, this is what I want for you!


So let’s talk about it! 




In this call we’ll review what you’re struggling with, your vision of who you want to be and the exact steps on how you can heal and uplevel your mind to improve and empower your whole life!



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But first...Learn Why I'm SO PASSIONATE About What I Teach!


I started noticing I was struggling with my mood around age 14. I struggled with anxiety, lack of self-esteem, and a lot of self-criticism and shame. I didn’t feel good about myself and this created a lot of anxiety, perfectionism and sadness. This progressed into depression and insomnia in University.


One day when I was 22 and in 4th year of University, I remember walking around campus, feeling like a stone…going through the motions of life…but inside, feeling…empty.  I remember because of social anxiety, I'd feel uncomfortable even talking to my girlfriends. I'd feel so uncomfortable speaking up in class or at nursing clinical practice, I would literally want to vomit. At parties, I would overindulge so that I could more comfortably socialize and just relax into being myself...but the drinking would then of course affect my mood for days after.


I remember not having an inner reserve of self-love and inner fulfillment. I attempted to comfort myself with external things, as many of us do, mine through romantic relationships, outside attention and validation and food.


All of this was so exhausting and so sad. Why was I like this? What had happened to make me feel so uncomfortable and sad in my own skin?


Looking back now, I realize it was from deep wounds that created engrained beliefs about NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH.


I remember my self-esteem being zip. Which was really frustrating because I also felt like deep down, I had greater potential and things I wanted to share. I knew the anxiety, depression and self-defeating thoughts were holding me back. And desperately wanted to feel inner peace instead of inner turmoil.


I started to wonder…


What would life be like if I didn’t struggle with anxiety? If I didn’t let the fears and self-critical thoughts overpower my actions? If I had the CONFIDENCE to be and do what I wanted to do? If I had more control over my emotions and moods instead of THEM taking over me??


And that’s when I decided to seek help and MAKE A CHANGE.


My very first step on my healing journey was reaching out to a counsellor and joining a meditation program. By class 3 of my meditation program I started to see changes in the way I was thinking and the sadness and anxiety began to lift.


So I stuck with it and the results got even better! Meditation for me opened the doors to learning about spirituality and how the mind works. What I learned is that we DO have the ability to CHANGE and REPROGRAM our minds and that the anxiety and sadness is 100% not our true selves!


From there, I became certified in Meditation Facilitation and directed my nursing career towards mental health. Through my experience as a mental health nurse I learned therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and became certified in CBT. The combination of Eastern and Western practices created a beautiful mix of skills that were healing my mind, my spirit and my soul.


As my journey progressed, I became more interested in spirituality and energy healing practices. I did further trainings in Yoga Psychology and got my Level 1 & 2 trainings of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); a very effective energy healing modality.


Meditation, spirituality, energy healing practices and therapy-based skills have literally CHANGED MY LIFE. These teachings and practices are now the foundation of my inner well-being and make up the true foundation of my life. They’ve helped me shed the protective layers and wounds of anxiety, stress and depression which has allowed me to live with more INNER PEACE, take more FEARLESS ACTION in my life and RISE into my own power as a woman and as a leader in women's mental, emotional and spiritual health.


All that experience has led me here: to a place where I can provide IMMENSE value and love to you!

So now… let me get to know YOU!

To start your healing and rising journey, I’d love to know more about what you’re struggling with, what you need help with and your vision of who and how you really want to be!


I can then go over my online programs and what working together could look like. I am EXTREMELY proud of my programs as they’re super comprehensive and they’re a beautiful mix of spirituality-inspired, therapy-inspired and empowerment/success-based teachings and practices. And, there’s different options and different levels of commitment for wherever you are in your personal journey.


To give you an amazing Soul Strategy Session, the more information you can provide in this application the better! Of course your personal information is CONFIDENTIAL.


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I can’t wait to meet you and help you on your healing journey!

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Much Love,

Shawna Thibodeau

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