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Why doTERRA?

Why do I chose doTERRA over other oils?  Many reasons and these include preferring their quality of oils, the concentration of their oils, their testing processes, their integrity, their sourcing, and their business model/structure.


Pure, Effective & Safe

PURE—Contains natural aromatic compounds— no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers, just the plant(s) listed 


EFFECTIVE—Standardized powerful and therapeutic compounds from plants


QUALITY/SOURCING— Plants sourced globally where the plant grows best

SAFE—Tested 8-11 times to be free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, metals or toxic impurities and stringent third party testing of every batch. Data of every batch can be found on doTERRA wanted to start a company that was consistent in their standards and one that was able to ensure each batch was 100% pure. This means they had to create higher standards for their oils, regulating how the plants were grown, harvested, distilled, and delivered. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) has come to stand for pure, high quality, therapeutic essential oils that work. Nothing is added to the oils. No pesticides, fillers, synthetics or adulterants, just the plant with it’s benefits. doTERRA sends their oils to have multiple rounds (8-11 times) of third- party testing so another lab can ensure it too is 100% pure. They pay other labs to tell them how to improve their oils instead of how to increase their yield and decrease the quality. doTERRA is the only company so far that is doing this.


Quality Sourcing

They grow plants only in the areas where they grow best. Oils not grown in this way have different chemical compounds, different properties, and produce a different quality.

doTERRA works with growers around the world to ensure fair practices, wages to ensure the best oils. In order for doTERRA to be able to continue delivering high quality oils, they knew they had to make a difference in the communities that grew these plants too. They have provided these growers education and are paying them fair wages because they are the most important part of the process. We pay more because of this but it is worth it to have the highest quality oils while helping support other communities and lives.


Their Business Opportunity & Compensation Plan

While other companies are making it hard for their business builders to earn a living, doTERRA has committed to making it easier since they knew they could only be successful if their builders could be successful. They offer an ascending compensation plan, which pays you a higher percentage on the levels where you have the most members (it is usually the opposite of this in other companies). They have lower volumes needed to receive bonuses and Leadership pools, meaning you can reach higher ranks, faster. And they encourage you to pay it forward when higher ranks are made. They offer volunteerism trips and opportunities to travel the world donating time and energy to helping other communities since at the heart of this company the mission is to make a difference. 

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